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Four Tips to keep Your Eyes Safe & Comfortable During Summer

Well summer is here at last- time to get outside and enjoy the weather while we can.  Here are some helpful tips on keeping your eyes safe and comfortable during the hot summer months:   Protection UV Rays Summer means sitting outside, enjoying the sun, and lounging in the hot…

Published: 2016-08-15Read Article
Three Common Eye Myths That You Probably Still Believe

When it comes to myths and tall tales about our bodies, the list is a long one. Whether it’s myths about your stomach being full of undissolved chewing gum, or helpful (but incorrect) advice about waiting to swim after eating, there’s no shortage of misinformation about there. Our eyes are…

Published: 2016-07-15Read Article
3 Tips to Help Alleviate the Frustrating Symptoms of Dry Eye

Dry eye is common, with millions of people in Canada experiencing either one-time or chronic symptoms. Because of its frequency we see a lot of patients in our clinics seeking treatment. What is Dry Eye? Dry eye is the term used to describe symptoms associated with a lack of proper eye…

Published: 2016-06-16Read Article
Dealing With Eye Allergies: How to Find Relief From Your Symptoms

The sun is shining, windows are rolled down and you’re stuck inside because of your seasonal allergies. What gives? At Rocky Ridge Eye Centre, we can help you better understand your allergy symptoms and how to effectively treat them. Seasonal allergies can range from mild to severe and affect as…

Published: 2016-05-16Read Article
Photochromic Lenses

If You Are Considering Prescription Sunglasses, You Should Also Consider Photochromic Lenses Photochromic lenses provide the best of both regular eyeglasses and sunglasses. These lenses automatically darken when exposed to the UV light emitted from our Sun. You may have seen glasses that darken when out in the sun. If…

Published: 2016-04-15Read Article