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We Utilize the Latest in Optometry Technology to Improve Your Experience

We Invest in Technology

Our focus on utilizing modern technology is relentless. We are always looking for ways to improve our patient experience, such as using the I-Care Tonometer during eye exams in place of a traditional air-puff tonometer.

More thorough and accurate eye exams

We place special emphasis on technology that enables us to conduct a more thorough and accurate eye exam. This is why we have invested heavily in ultra-high resolution retinal cameras, computer assisted visual field testing equipment, and other technology that lets us learn more about your eyes!

Better Prevention

Our goal is to detect eye diseases long before you notice changes in your vision. Prevention is our greatest and most effective tool in keeping your eyes healthy and working properly.

Why Do We Focus So Much On Our Technology?

We place emphasis on our expansive use of state of the art technology because it’s a core part of us delivering on our mission statement.

Learn More About the Technology We Utilize

To learn more about specific pieces of equipment or processes that we use, click here.

Next Steps

During your eye exam, we will test you with the latest in eye care technology to observe the health of your eye. Some of the possible instruments that will be used include:

I-Care Tonometer

You may be familiar with the test that shoots a puff of air at your eye. This test, while harmless, can be uncomfortable. An I-Care Tonometer accomplishes the same test without the air puff, making it a more enjoyable experience overall.

Retinal Camera

Ever wanted to see what your Optometrist does? With the high-resolution retinal camera we use, you will be able to see exactly what we do. This piece of equipment lets us better detect the onset of eye diseases, such as Glaucoma.

Computer Assisted Visual Field Testing

This piece of equipment accurately tests the sensitivity and extent of your field of vision. This assists in the early detection and monitoring of various eye diseases or neurological disorders, such as strokes, brain tumours, and more.

Optical Coherence Tomograph (OCT)

This piece of equipment is the “private eye” (pardon the pun) of our office. It scans the retina and optic nerve, carefully checking for early signs of glaucoma, macular degeneration, diabetic retinopathy, and other diseases that impact the eye.


This tool is used as a diagnostic device that helps us better understand the thickness of your cornea. We use it during a laser refractive surgery consultation, as well as for testing for the development of glaucoma (and other eye diseases).

Anterior Segment Camera

We love taking selfies… of the eye! This camera takes ultra-high resolution images of the front of your eye. It creates magnified images that enable us to clearly see the onset of various eye diseases.


We love cameras, especially when they utilize motion capture technology. The Optikam helps us measure your eye glasses, providing much more accurate and detailed measurements than traditional measurement techniques. This means that we are able to create more precise, state of the art lenses for your prescription.