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Seniors Eye Exams

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Regular Eye Exams are Crucial in Maintaining Eye Health

Regular eye exams, which are covered by most insurance/benefits providers, are your best method for the effective detection and treatment of eye diseases and conditions.

Like many things in life, vision problems have a tendency to show up unannounced. Many eye problems are asymptomatic, meaning that they often don’t present any indication that a problem is developing until it’s too late.

Adults 65 and older are covered by Alberta Health for yearly exams and other visits as needed.

An Eye Exam Can Help Slow Down or Prevent Age-Related Macular Degeneration

Age-Related Macular Degeneration (AMD) is the leading cause of blindness in adults, and impacts more than three million people every year.

While there is no cure for AMD, early diagnosis and treatment can significantly slow down its progression. Early detection and treatment of AMD can help keep you driving, reading, and enjoying your eyesight for much longer than without treatment.

Are you concerned that you may have AMD? Schedule an appointment with us immediately so we can give you a clear picture of what’s happening.

Detect and Treat Diabetic Retinopathy

If you have diabetes you are at risk of developing diabetic retinopathy. This condition can strike without warning and is a major cause of blindness for senior citizens. The disease causes swelling and leaking to occur in the retina’s blood vessels.

Early diagnosis and treatment can lessen and potentially reverse the impacts of Diabetic Retinopathy.

Alberta Health Care covers extra testing needed to properly diagnose and monitor eye complications of diabetes.

Detect and Treat Cataracts

A cataract is a hardening, thickening and a discolouration of the lens inside the eye. By the age of 60, virtually everybody has some level of cataract development.

Symptoms of cataracts include glare, halos and starburst around lights (car headlights or street lights especially), and difficulty with night vision. The likelihood of developing cataracts increases significantly as you age, and as they are a major cause of vision degradation in adults, we take them seriously.

Cataracts can be safely removed via surgery. If our Optometrist diagnoses you with cataracts, we can refer you to an Ophthalmologist (eye surgeon) to remove them.

Important Information About Senior’s Eye Exams:

How often should seniors have an eye exam?

The Canadian Association of Optometrists recommend for adults 40 to 64 years old to have their eyes checked by an Optometrist every one to two years.

Adults 65 years old or older should have their vision checked every year. Depending on your situation, our Optometrist may recommend for you to receive your eye exams more often.

Are senior eye exams covered by Alberta Health Care?

Comprehensive eye exams and other visits as necessary are covered for Albertans age 65 or older, as long as they are performed in Alberta.

Next Steps

Many Leading Causes of Vision Degradation Can be Treated or Prevented

You may have heard us say things like “75% of vision loss can be avoided”, and that’s because it’s true. In the majority of cases, early detection and treatment is the difference between clear vision or not.

We understand more than anyone how important your eye health is to your overall quality of life. Coming in for regular eye exams is a great way to gain clear perspective on your eye health, catch any problems that may be developing, and preemptively treat and manage conditions or illnesses.

We will work with you to find an appointment time that is convenient, and we can direct bill your insurance provider when needed. Remember, annual eye exams are covered by Alberta Health for adults 65 years old or older.