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Retinal Photography

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We Can See Right Into Your Eyes With Digital Imaging

Retinal Photography Can Help With Early Detection of Eye Problems

Digital retinal photography can help doctors see directly into the eyes of patients and detect retinal problems before they result in serious vision disturbances.

The retina is a very sensitive part of the eye that is easily susceptible to damage from a variety of internal and external factors. Retinal damage can cause partial vision loss or total blindness if it remains untreated. Many retinal problems show no symptoms until it is too late.

With retinal imaging, specialists can detect these issues in time and take direct action to cure them.

What Does Retinal Photography Show Your Eye Doctor?

Retinal imaging can show eye doctors a wide range of issues. With the aid of this technology, they are able to view high-resolution images of the back of the eye. These images can help with diagnosis of the following problems:

  • Retinal detachment
  • Holes or tears in the retina
  • Macular degeneration
  • Eye damage arising from high blood pressure, arteriosclerosis or diabetes

Digital photography is often the first line of defense against common eye problems. These issues can remain “silent” and cause serious damage if they are not spotted early by imaging technology.

How Does Retinal Photography Work:

We use a camera lens to see behind your eye's lens

Taking ultra-high resolution images of your eye and retina enables the Optometrist to get a crystal-clear picture of your eye. As you can imagine, this aids us tremendously in diagnosing diseases or conditions that may be beginning to form.

Next Steps

Digital Retinal Photography Can Help Safeguard Your Eye Health

A complete eye exam can help you preserve your eye health for many more years. With digital retinal photography and other current technologies, we can show you images of your own eyes and talk with you about the best plans for future eye health. These exciting tools help us work with our patients to give them the information they need about eye care. Get in touch with us today at Rocky Ridge Eye Centre to schedule an eye health exam with our digital retinal imaging experts. We are here to answer any questions you might have about your vision and your eye care.