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Utilizing APP Technology in Patient Dispensing Experience

What is Optikam?

Optikam is APP technology our clinic uses on the IPAD to assist our patients with several areas of the eyewear selection and measuring process.

What areas of the dispensing process does it cover?

From one image/ picture the Optikam APP takes the following measurements:

  • Monocular Pupillary Distance (PD)
  • Multifocal Seg Heights
  • Pantiscopic Tilt (panto)
  • Vertex Distance (RVD)
  • Wrap (face form tilt)
  • Near PD
  • A, B, ED and DBL values (size dimensions of the frame)

The image also allow us to offer frame selection images so the patient can view in real time and/ or have the images mailed to them.
The Optikam APP shows lens options, realities as far as thickness and curvature, augmented reality demonstrations with photocromic lens technology and coatings.

OptikamPad is a standalone iPad app that assists in every facet of the eyewear dispensing process — frame selection, lens demonstrations, and eyewear measurements using ONE single image.

Do Patients Prefer Optikam Technology?

Patients love the ability to see their images with the new eyewear and lens demonstrations. It assists patients in making more sound decisions on what they like in frame styles and what lens options are needed for their lifestyle. The Optikam measuring also makes the patient more confident in the accuracy of eyewear and lens products.

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