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Driver's License Eye Exams

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An Eye Exam is a Pre-Requisite For Obtaining Your Driver''s License

Why You Need an Eye Exam Before Getting Your Drivers License

An eye exam is strongly recommended before getting your driver’s license. If you do fail the vision screening at the registry, our doctors can provide you with a comprehensive exam, complete the required paperwork and prescribe any necessary treatment to allow you to meet the requirements to drive safely.

Make Your Appointment for an Eye Exam Now

To save time and a great deal of frustration, we recommend for you to make an appointment with a Rocky Ridge Eye Centre Optometrist for driver’s license eye exams before you make your way to the registry.

Get your eye exam before you go to the registry office.

Save time at the registry office by having your eye exam already ready to go. We perform eye exams for the purpose of obtaining drivers licenses routinely and will have it completed in under an hour.

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