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Contact Lens Exam and Fitting

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Are You Interested in Contacts?

Upon making your appointment, let us know if you interested in contact lenses and we’ll be sure to schedule you in with our Optometrist for a consultation.

In order to be eligible for contact lens, you must complete a comprehensive eye exam, along with a contact lens exam. Both examinations can be completed during the same appointment and takes approximately an hour to complete.

Step 1: Contact Lens Exam

It’s mandatory for any patient who is interested in contact lenses to have a comprehensive eye examination. Contact lens eye exams include specific tests that are not routinely performed or required in eyeglass exams.

Our Optometrist will assess your vision and provide you with a prescription for eyeglasses and/or contact lenses.They will also examine your eyes and ocular surfaces for deformities and eye health issues that can interfere with your ability to wear contact lenses safely and comfortably.

Step 2: Contact Lens Fitting

In order to determine the right fit of contact lenses, our Optometrist will ask questions so they can get a better understanding of your lifestyle and preferences in regards to lenses.

Since there are several options available for contact lenses, our Optometrist will work with so you can make the best choice possible. There are daily wear, biweekly wear, monthly wear, and colored disposable contact lenses to choose from.

Our Optometrist will recommend the option that works best for your vision and lifestyle.

Rocky Ridge Eye Centre also provides contact fitting for individuals who have eye conditions that are harder to fit, such as astigmatism, bifocal, progressive, steep curves, and high powers. Once we perform a basic eye exam, we proceed to the contact lens trial and fitting.

Step 3: Fitting & Measuring

Not all eyes are created equally. Your eyes may be shaped differently and may be different sizes.

Because of this, contact lenses come in a variety of sizes and shapes. The comfort and effectiveness of a contact lens is determined by the shape and movement of the lens on your eye. To get the most accurate contact lens fit, our Optometrist will measure the front surface of your eyes.

Step 4: Contact Lens Trial

The majority of our patients are provided with a pair of trial contact lenses. A small percentage of patients may have a prescription that requires trials to be ordered in before they can take them.

Once you put on your trial lenses, the Optometrist will use a slit lamp to inspect the position and movement of the lenses as you blink and look around. If this is your first time wearing contact lenses, you will be instructed on how to insert, wear, remove, and care for them. You will also receive a case and contact lens cleaning solution if applicable.

Practice and motivation will help to ensure that you become a proficient contact lens wearer. Depending on your familiarity with contact lenses and whether or not it is a new prescription, you may be sent home for a week or two to adjust to wearing those lenses. This is done to ensure you are adapting well to the use and wear of your lenses before you purchase them.

Important Information About Contact Lenses:

How can I get a prescription for eyeglasses or contacts?

Immediately following your exam, you’ll receive a prescription for eyeglasses. If you are eligible for contacts, you’ll also receive a trial pair of contacts for you to practice wearing until your follow up exam.

The follow up exam is necessary to assess your eyesight with contact lenses, how well they fit, and how well you are adapting to using them. If it is determined that contact lenses are a good fit for you, you’ll receive a prescription for them.

What can I expect during my contact lens fitting?

During your exam and fitting you can expect the Optometrist to walk you through which options are the best for your eyes (and why), how to use and care for them, as well as have an opportunity to get answers to any questions you may have.

Next Steps

Maintaining Healthy Eyes While Wearing Contact Lenses

It is important for you to take good care of your eyes and contact lenses to maintain optimal eye health. Be sure to remove them as often as directed to prevent complications with your eyes. Do not sleep with your contact lenses in.


To ensure everything is progressing as it should with your contact lenses, Rocky Ridge Eye Centre will schedule a follow appointment with you. Depending on your situation, our Optometrist may need to further assess how your eyes are adapting to your new contact lenses.

In addition to visually inspecting your eyes, the Optometrist may incorporate the use of a special dye to determine whether or not your contact lenses are causing discomfort or damaging your eyes. If you experience any dryness, pain, or any other discomfort during your trial, inform the eye doctor at your follow up appointment so you can be refitted for lenses that are better suited for your eyes. In some cases, you may only need to use a special type of topical eye drops to make your contact lenses more comfortable.

Annual Contact Lens Exam

Rocky Ridge Eye Centre recommends for you to schedule an annual contact lens exam so we can continue to provide you with quality eyewear to maintain your eye health and comfort.